Build Your Own All Sky Camera

Always wanted an All Sky Camera? Just follow these instructional videos! By using the Raspberry Pi 4, a ZWO camera (or RPi HQ Camera), and a fish-eye lens, you can start right away!

This project is something ANYONE can complete. Never worked with a Raspberry Pi? Don’t worry! Let me get you started with some simple instructional videos.

Need help finding the right items to purchase? I will put a list below the videos (as well as in the description of each All Sky build video if you watch directly on my Patriot Astro YouTube page).

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Here is Part 1 of the All Sky Build Series. This will take you through assembling the Raspberry Pi 4, installing and completing the basic configuration of Thomas Jacquin’s great Allsky software, connecting the camera and starting to take your first All Sky images/videos!
Here is Part 2 of the All Sky Build Series. Here I will take you through building a portable 12v battery box that allows you to take this fun astrophotography tool along with you!
Need some help with the basics of how some of the tools work? Watch this video to get comfortable with the tools I commonly use in my build videos.

Need help finding the correct parts to get your project started? Here are some links to the items I used to complete my own All Sky Camera build-out. For the record, the links below are affiliate links and while it will not cost you any additional money to use them, I may be compensated if you use the links to complete any purchases (Thank You!).