My Equipment Configurations

Here is a look at the various Astrophotography Configurations most commonly used by me for image acquisition. As you will see, depending on the target type, I need to modify the equipment used to obtain the best results.

I have added clickable links to most of the equipment below to make it easier for you to locate the items online. I am using affiliate links and while you will not be charged anything additional for any of the items, I may be compensated if you use the links. It would certainly be appreciated!

Deep Sky Object (DSO) and Lunar Astrophotography

When I want to image Deep Sky Objects (DSO) such as Nebula and Galaxies, I often need a shorter focal length than I use when imaging planets to increase my Field of View (FOV) to a larger area of the night sky.

Planetary Astrophotography

Imaging planetary objects requires you to zoom in very tightly on these distant and relatively small objects.

Solar Astrophotography

Imaging the Sun is exciting and opens up a whole new world of imaging (and all of the previously useless daytime hours). This does require a very particular setup and can be very dangerous if done incorrectly.

Wide-Field Astrophotography

Wide-field Astrophotography allows you to zoom way out and get a much bigger image. Capture multiple nebulas or even very large nebula.

Ultra Wide-Field Astrophotography

Ultra Wide-field Astrophotography allows you to zoom out to the extreme to get entire constellations and even the Milky Way core!

All Sky Astrophotography

All Sky Astrophotography allows you image directly overhead for a 360º view of the entire sky. This allows me to monitor the weather and image meteors, not to mention the occasional airplane!

  • Mount: DIY Small Powerbox or on Pole
  • Power: Direct AC or DC Battery
  • Optics: Fish-eye Lens
  • Imaging Camera: ZWO ASI224MC
  • PC: Raspberry PI or Win10
  • Software: AllSky or AllSkEye Pro

Additional Components

This is a few extra bits and pieces I break out from time to time.

  • Star Party Viewing: I will use a small Vankyo Burger 101 projector and Google Chromecast dongle to show live imaging sessions or Live Stacks for many people to watch along with me.
  • Security and Baby Sitting: I have one of these Blink Mini Cameras linked to each of one my mounts so I can monitor the equipment and even the occasional meridian flip from inside the house.