NINA Advanced Sequence Downloads

Hello Everyone! As promised, I have updated my Shared Advanced Sequencer Templates! These templates were designed to be usable by everyone, and while there are some hardware expectations within the sequences, I will even show you how to remove that dependency when needed.

Updated Features and Notes:

  • Easier to Manage: I have implemented a folder hierarchy to make updates easier over time.
  • No Plugins Required: I’m using the built-in instructions to make this usable by everyone from the very first day you install them. The only exceptions are the ASCOM Safety/Dome Startup Sequence and the ExoPlanet Transit Sequence.
  • Support for Offsets and Rotators: I added support for Offsets and Rotators (like the manual rotator everyone should be using).
  • Startup Sequences: I also shared some Startup Sequences to help you create and implement complete start-to-finish sequences that will manage your entire evening.

Download this ZIP file, extract it to your imaging computer, and import them into NINA. To import the files, you can watch the linked video below for help, or simply extract the complete contents and place them inside your NINA Templates folder.

Included within the ZIP file are multiple sequences:

(Click on the sequence name to see a preview image)

Visit my YouTube Channel to view my videos about NINA’s Advanced Sequencer, Filter Offsets, Smarter Sequences, etc.