End of Night Script

This is my Patriot Astro End of Night Script that I use in NINA to transfer various files that I would like to regularly obtain and archive remotely. You can modify it to fit your own needs. Feel free to test or run it manually from the command-line prior to adding to NINA.

Want a copy for yourself? Click HERE.

Here is a copy of the video that explains it’s usage as well as usage of the Remote Copy plugin that can replicate your images throughout a NINA imaging session.

Disclaimer: The author assumes no liability for you losing files as a result of using this freely provided script. The script is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind. The entire risk arising from any use of, or performance of, these sample scripts and documentation remains with you. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages whatsoever, including and without limitation for damages, loss, interruption, or information arising out of the use or inability to use the scripts.